Monticolo/Montiggler lake & Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See
Monticolo/Montiggler lake & Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See
Monticolo/Montiggler lake & Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See
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Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See & the Monticolo/Montiggler lakes

Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See is one of the most popular swimming lakes in South Tyrol, if not the most popular. As one of the warmest lakes south of the Alps, it is a particularly popular place in the summer to meet up with friends for a swim, enjoy a cool drink or rich ice cream sundae at one of the cafés on the lake shore or surf, sail or take a pedalo out on the water. Not far from Lago die Caldaro/Kalterer See are the two Monticolo/Montiggler lakes, which are also extremely popular with swimmers and pleasure-seekers. They are among Italy’s cleanest swimming lakes and have been awarded the “5 vele” (5 sails) quality seal by the Legambiente organisation. 

Experience something at Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See!

It’s just a few kilometres from our hotel near Appiano/Eppan, the Gartenhotel Moser, which is situated right by the large Monticolo/Montiggler lake to Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See that is nestled in a stunning landscape: magnificent mountain peaks, wonderful vineyards and orchards and the lush green forest provide the magical setting around Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See making it a stunning spot on earth that locals and guests equally love visiting.

There are four inviting beaches for sunbathing and relaxing at Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See. Close your eyes, listen to the gentle lapping of the water and enjoy the wonderful feeling of not having to do anything at all. If you like sailing and surfing you are in just the right place at Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See. The southerly wind here usually provides the best conditions for gliding on the water and messing up your hair. The stunning panorama all around is what makes Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See the perfect destination for all kinds of water sports fans.

The Monticolo/Montiggler lakes

Besides Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See, the two Monticolo/Montiggler lakes are among the most beautiful and frequently visited lakes in South Tyrol. The large Monticolo/Montiggler lake is situated just 6 km (as the crow flies) away from Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See. Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See can be reached from our hotel near Appiano/Eppan, the Gartenhotel Moser, in about 20 minutes by car. It therefore makes sense to take a day trip to Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See, for example during your family holiday in South Tyrol.

On the other hand, you only need a few minutes to get from our hotel near Appiano/Eppan to the large Monticolo/Montiggler lake. We also have a lake house there that you can use free of charge to have a picnic, relax or take a plunge into the water. You can explore the large Monticolo/Montiggler lake with stand up paddling or a canoe trip or on one of our rowing boats that are moored there, which you can reserve at reception. Whether you use the boat to fish in Monticolo/Montiggler lake or to travel out onto the lake simply to admire the surrounding nature in peace, it is simply fantastic gliding out onto the sparkling water and leaving the shore far behind you.

The small Monticolo/Montiggler lake is situated only roughly a ten-minute walk away from the large Monticolo/Montiggler lake. So if you fancy even more peace and quiet, why not take a leisurely walk there and take in the beauty of the surrounding nature at the same time.

A holiday by Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See & the Monticolo/Montiggler lakes – the fascination of water

A holiday close to Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See and right by the large Monticolo/Montiggler lake is extremely attractive, particularly for families with children. The little ones love the water and are fascinated by the reflected light on the surface time and time again. They love splashing around on the shallow shore and looking out for tadpoles.

Please remember to always supervise your children when you are spending time with them at Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See or Monticolo/Montiggler lake, as a lake’s dangers must not be underestimated. Accompany your offspring while swimming in Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See, make sure they have rubber rings and inflatable armbands and do not let them out of your sight. Lakes like Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See are beautiful, incredibly attractive and seem harmless, but for children, especially very small children who can’t swim at all or not that well yet, they become a danger far quicker than we would like.

We hope you really enjoy relaxing at the large Monticolo/Montiggler lake or swimming in Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See!

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